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Welcome to the website of France États-Unis, a non-profit organization based in France dedicated to promoting friendship and mutual understanding between the peoples of France and the United States of America.  We sponsor conferences on the subject of American society and culture, we host special events such as the celebration of traditional American holidays and we act as a relay for French people trying to find out more about the United States.

France États-Unis was founded in 1945 under the auspices of the American Embassy in Paris and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Today, our organization is completely independent and without political or religious affiliation.  We are funded through membership fees and donations.

France États-Unis has over 2000 members, with about 400 in the Paris area and the other in over 30 regional committees throughout France.  The members of France États-Unis are of all ages and come from all walks of life.  Some have worked or travelled in the United States, others not.  We have members who are keen observers of American society and politics, while other members are more interested in American sports and popular culture.  What we all share at France États-Unis is a desire to learn more about the United States and to celebrate the long friendship that unites France and America.

Granted, this friendship has not been without its difficult moments.  There are times when our nations disagree with eachother, there are times when harsh words are exchanged.  France États-Unis works on this side of the Atlantic to reinforce a simple message: that which binds the peoples of France and the United States is greater than that which separates us.

If you are an American living in France, we would be especially delighted to have you as a member of our association.  We offer a welcoming environment for you to make new French friends, who are eager to know more about your country and who would be happy to help you better understand France.  We host events in Paris and in many other locations in France.

To find out more about joining France États-Unis and about our upcoming events, please contact our Paris office or the region nearest you.  You will also find a membership application here for the Paris group (membership applications are also available for other regions, please see your region's section on this website.)

We look forward to meeting you soon!

p.s. Interested in promoting France-American friendship, but don't see a group in your region?  Set one up yourself!  For more information, please contact our national office at - 34 avenue de New York 75116 Paris France

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